Fuzzy file search prompt ready upon vim entrance

When I want to work on a project, I type vim ., from my Terminal, in this project's directory.

This brings up Netrw, the default file explorer in Vim.

In 90% of the time, I then fuzzy search the files I need to work on.

Do you see some inefficiency here?
What if I could be prompted with the fuzzy file search, as soon as I enter Vim?

Here is a little snippet I came up with and put in my .vimrc file to enable that.

function MyVimEnter()
    if argc() == 1 && argv(0) == '.'
      execute "Files"

" The 'nested' before call allows nested autocmds, important for
" syntax detection etc.
autocmd VimEnter * nested call MyVimEnter()

Now in the other 10% of the time, I can just hit Esc key to dismiss the Fuzzy file search.

In the fuzzy file search, in my case FZF.vim, I can pick, using the Tab key, the few files I know will be working on and once ready hit Enter, and boom I have all the buffers I need to mess up with.

I hope this gives you some lead to improve your "project entrance" workflow.